Global Tax Planning & Administration for Freelance Professionals

IT-Careernet (ITC) has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Global K Ltd. to offer contractors expert international tax advice and solutions.

Global K aims to provide a tax efficient, compliant and streamlined administration service to the freelance professional considering taking up short to medium term freelance work across the European Community, into eastern Europe and even in Australia.

We will advise you on the best structure to work under and the tax implications of undertaking an engagement in the foreign country, and will handle all compliance, contractual arrangements and administration while you are in the foreign country.

Individuals undertaking freelance work in a foreign location

Historically, large numbers of contractors have worked in various locations around Europe paying little or no attention to the many factors which have to be considered with regard to tax, social security and employment law compliance.

Global K offers the international freelance contractor considering working overseas a dedicated, professional and personalised service.

Global K will work with the contractor in attempting to achieve the optimum solution, which will provide a combination of a satisfactory “bottom line” for the contractor and compliance with local legal requirements.

Employment of non-UK nationals undertaking contract work in the UK

For non-UK nationals thinking of taking up contract work in the UK, we can provide an employment vehicle which will allow the contractor to be fully registered in the UK tax system, taking advantage of the UK (generally) lower rates of direct taxation and national insurance (social security). We can also offer, in certain circumstances, a generous expenses package unrestricted by the confines of the UK’s notorious IR35 legislation.

For non-EC national, we can assist them to work in the UK by sponsoring their work permit application and acting as their employer throughout their time in the UK. In order for this service to be available, certain contractual conditions must exist, see our section on work permits for non-EC citizens.

Introduction to Hiring Solutions

We help companies hire better employees, train them efficiently, motivate and manage them to their highest potential.

Our customized programs will take you from hiring one new employee to training a whole department or company using validated assessments to provide in-depth, accurate information about personality traits, behavioral style, integrity, work ethic, aptitude, and sales skills. 

We work very closely with you to insure that your hiring system or professional development program is efficient, consistent, legal and successful.

Benefits of using assessments in your current hiring system.

bullet Decreased turnover costs
bullet Improved employee retention
bullet Better employee morale
bullet Higher productivity
bullet Shorter training time
bullet Decreased employee fraud
bullet Decreased workman’s compensation mod rates

Benefits of using Hiring Solutions as your test provider

bullet Your record for successful hiring will improve
bullet Your reputation as a good company to work for will get around
bullet Your relationship with employees will improve
bullet Your new employees will be highly qualified for the job and fit in with the rest of your employees
bullet Your orientation and training programs will be better focused to the individual traits and needs of each employee
bullet Your management style and decisions will be right
bullet Your hiring process will be well documented
bullet You will have more than enough information to make balanced and objective decisions about hiring, promotion, training, and firing.
bullet Your employees will be highly motivated and productive
bullet Your questions and problems will be addressed immediately
bullet Intuitive feedback always available
bullet Your hiring process will be streamlined, efficient, and legal
bullet Your liability due to negligent hiring, will be reduced

About International Consultancy

IT-Careernet helps corporations manage and improve their human capital with services tailored around their IT, telecommunications and engineering needs in key strategic locations.

“As we move towards a more global economy, the ability of companies to succeed is becoming increasingly dependent upon their ability to cultivate and leverage their human capital on a global basis.

As more companies focus on developing global leaders and competencies, the role of Human Resources in attracting, motivating and retaining top talent is vital.”

Sarah Cuthill, Partner, Arthur Andersen’s Human Capital Services Practice